About the team

Sara Lynne Wright (actor/screenwriter/producer)

The script for “Trixie’s Score” was born when screenwriter Sara Wright created a high-school valedictorian so inspired by D.H. Lawrence that she applies his writings in her quest to lose her virginity before graduation – and succeeds in unexpected ways.

Sara previously teamed with co-star Jonah Priour as undergraduates at Harvard College – first acting as pupil and tutor in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, then with Sara directing Jonah in the lead role of Prior Walter in  Angels in America at the American Repertory Theater. Currently, she works as the staff writers assistant for the USA Network TV series White Collar.

As writer/producer of “Trixie’s Score”, Sara has assembled an impressive creative team:

Valerie Landsburg (Director)

Valerie Landsburg has worked as an actor and director for 35 years. The role of Doris Schwartz on the television series Fame launched her as a young actor. On the other side of the camera, her directing credits include: the series Women for Showtime, Gr8tbuy TV with Julie Haggerty, the cable movies Going Home and Beautiful Dreamer for HBO/Cinemax, and the action-thriller Bound by Lies with Stephen Baldwin.

Irwin Russo (Producer)

Irwin Russo knows about coming-of-age student angst. As a teacher in New York state schools for 10 years and in Los Angeles for more than 20, he’s seen it all. His experiences led him to develop the story for the movie Teachers, starring Nick Nolte and Ralph Macchio, earning him an Executive Producer credit. Russo was also Executive Producer on Wise Guys starring Danny DeVito, Partners with Ryan O’Neill and John Hurt, and The Rose starring Bette Midler. He also served as Associate Producer on Trading Places with Eddie Murphy.

Peyton Skelton (Cinematographer)

Peyton Skelton worked as Chief Lighting Technician on television’s Grey’s Anatomy for six seasons before embarking upon an active career as a cinematographer for motion pictures and television.

Amy Lederman (hair/makeup)

Amy Lederman’s movie credits include: Little Miss Sunshine, Moneyball, The Hangover, and “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, among many others. TV work includes Modern FamilyMad MenTrue Blood,  CSI: MiamiBig Love, and Ugly Betty, among many others.

Jane Covner (Production Designer/Publicist)

Jane Covner served as production designer providing all set decoration and background furnishings. In her day job, she is an entertainment industry publicist whose projects have resulted in Grammy, Oscar and Emmy Awards. Passionate about burgeoning talent, she was delighted to shoot production stills for “Trixie’s Score”.

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